August 14, 2013

Beach outfit #2

 Well hello hello again!
Time to show you my beach outfit of the day I went to Afitos!

                    A very simple outfit as you can see, but hey 
we are going to the beach!
(After I try this beautifully scalped bench of course!)

I like how this tank is so loose..

 and so long...


 After the sea and the sunset it is swimming pool fun time!

Thumbs up for navy colors!

I bought a watercolor magnet for my collection! 

  Denim shorts :  Killah  / Tank top: Bershka /  Swimming suit : H&M  / Hat : Yankees from Footlocker / Sunglasses: Asos  / Towel: Tommy Hilfiger / Slippers: Guess

So this was my outfit of the day.Hope you enjoyed it!
I would love to see what you wear to go to the beach so 
subscribe and leave me a comment below! :))

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