August 16, 2013

Tutti Frutti outfit

Today I will show you my Tutti Frutti outfit!
Even though I love colors I usually don't have the guts to wear bright colors,
 let alone mix and match patterns and styles.
I like outfits that stand out on others but I don't want to attract to much attention on myself.

I loved the cheerful energy of this fuchsia pink top paired with the blue pattern skirt!

Neon cuties! Lost them on our way back!  :(

Top: Zara  /  Skirt: Asos  /  Hat : Yankees from Footlocker  /  Earrings: H&M  
 Necklace : Handmade jewelry / Sunglasses: Asos  /  Watch : Oxette   
Heart bracelet: Asos  / Pink and Orange bracelets: H&M  /  Sandals: Zara

One more outfit of the day!
Hope everyone is enjoying the last two weeks of summer!
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