July 3, 2013

Moving out my Picasso nose

Finally I found some time for a new post! I have been very busy these days, mainly because I am renting my apartment and I am moving back to my family's home.
So I thought it would be a nice idea to post some pre-packing pictures!

     Bye bye Kitchen and Yes I collect magnets, but only cute ones! :P        

Excuse my tired face, no time for make up.

My flats laid out before packing.

And of course heels need packing as well!

I think I'm gonna miss my bedroom the most!

So lastly this is my bathroom cabinet.Perfumes at the top and only the essentials at the bottom.

I wonder if you noticed this yellow nose, my glasses are standing on..
This is my Picasso nose eyeglass holder, very practical for all of us who are wearing glasses and super cute I think!

I bought mine years ago in a Greek island but seems there are many kinds of eyeglass holders online so I am posting some links below.

and you can always try e-bay and Amazon for better prices!

I hope you enjoyed my post!

Bye Bye home!

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  1. Τι ωραίες φωτος!!!! Και το αγαπώ το eyeglass holder έχω να σου πω! Καλή αρχή φίλη μου :) Eλπίζω να το συνεχίσεις για πολύυυυυυ... Φιλάκια!!