November 21, 2013

There's something unique about all of us #in.english

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So I'm in New York crossing Times Square, checking on the huge screens around when suddenly I see this promo ad and I cannot believe it.It was just a week ago that I had read about Gunther von Hagens, wondering when I would have the chance to see his work and there it was! 
(As I later found out "Bodies exhibition " is a replica of  "Body Worlds" and Gunther von Hagens has sued them for that.)

Basically it is an exhibit of real human bodies specially processed and plastinated so that they can preserve the structure and anatomy of the body without loosing their handling abilities.

You are given the opportunity of a unique view inside the human body which cannot be reproduced in any other way and cannot be compared to any plastic anatomy doll.

Aside from the educational aspect of the exhibit for me personally this was art.The poses and the ideas of how to present all the different systems of the human organism were unique and helped you realize how magnificent the creation of the human species is.

The Circulatory system was the one that impressed me the most. I didn't realize it was a real one until I read about the isolation procedure. Unfortunately this is not a very good picture.

If you have ever had an MRI or CT scan then this reminds you of something.

Discobolus (=disc thrower) was a bronze sculpture created by the Greek sculptor Myron around 450 BC. It is famous for the thorough study and realistic depiction of the athlete's body. Certainly we can say the same about the exhibit.

Of course many moral questions are being raised because these bodies belong to real people. Both exhibitions faced accusations concerning the origin of their exhibits.Anatomist Gunther von Hagen is actually accepting corpse donations and stated that he will donate his body after he dies.Personally it is not an idea I would totally reject but I do think that if one is considering something like that it would be better if he donated his organs and save lives.

What is your opinion? 

There was also another exhibition next door called "Dialog in the Dark" in which you were simulating the life of a blind person by trying to function in total darkness. I found it very clever and maybe I would have visited it, if it wasn't for the Abecrombie store waiting me at the corner.

I hope this wasn't very tiring!

For more info on the exhibits:

Funny detail :You can notice in the first page, it still says that they will close the exhibition because of hurricane Sandy-well I found out only a few hours later that Sandy was to hit New York the next day!That's a hole other story though!

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