July 20, 2013

Last week's shopping haul and trip to Athens

Hello everyone 
In my previous post I wore some asos items so I thought I'd start today's post by sharing my asos shopping haul!

It was my first time ordering online and I must say I was very anxious to see how my stuff would turn out.

So these are the things I ordered :
A boyfriend T-shirt with PARIS logo on it. At first I thought that the fabric didn't feel cottony at all, but it was quite smooth when I tried it on and it earned some extra points when it didn't get any stain from the chocolate I spilled on myself,so thumbs up for that Tee!!!

A skater skirt in blue paisley print. This item unfortunately I think is a fail for me. The quality is not what I expected so I still haven't worn the skirt but hopefully I will make it work...

A pair of blue mirror sunglasses,just to follow this summer's trend!   :)

And a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, the one featured in my previous post!

To complete my order I through in this lovely heart bracelet and this mini canvas wallet. The wallet turned out to be cuter than I expected but the super cute bracelet is already fading... 

I also had some time to visit my favorite retail store.

As you will probably see for yourselves I  l o v e  Zara shoes even more than I like their clothes. I can't help it! As Daniel Piette (fashion director of Luis Vuitton) said" Zara is possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world."

So I bought this pair of black wedges (also in my previous post) and a pair of electric blue pointed heels. 

Also during my trip to Athens I bought this water-coloured top and a yellow knitwear. 

Enough with shopping!

Time to relax! And what would be better than a cold Mochito and the view of Acropolis from the terrace of A for Athens. (<-click for more)

I can only think of one line for this view: Come Visit GReece!

Well my day isn't finished yet,

Not until I get my ice-cream

m a c a r o n s !!!

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