July 21, 2013

Always dress accordingly

 For today's post I chose to take you back to my last summer in Crete!
On my last day I visited the palace of Knossos, where the legend says king Minoas retained his son Minotaur in a labyrinth.

As I said before I love travelling and even more travelling in style!

So I chose to dress accordingly and I picked a long green dress.As it turned out it matched perfectly with the colours of the Palace!What do you think?

Ι don't want to bore you with details but if you are interested in learning more this is the perfect blog: Knossos

At the end there is an adorable corner for you to rest and have a refreshment after all this walking under the sun.

      Dress: unbranded  / Bag:La tour Eiffel  /   Sunglasses: Rayban / Earrings: vintage

I hope you enjoyed this post and I really hope some of you clicked on the link to get more info :P
Til next time!

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