March 13, 2014

#gotta_share: Sara Jessica Parker's interview

Our beloved Sara Jessica Parker has been on the spotlight since the issue of her first shoe line available here that I am sure everybody has seen. Not so extravagant shoes as many had expected but relevantly affordable, good quality feminine heels, sort of "the classics" for every woman!

Anyway my #gotta _share today is not about her shoe line but about her house!
SJP made a mini interview and answering  72 questions in 5 min and we got to see a sneak peek of the ground floor of her home! Nothing like what I would have expected, we get to see some colorful spaces with pieces of art and random collections layering. I loved it because it was nothing like the catalogue houses of other celebrities where you can tell that interior designers have chosen everything for them.

I loved how her home looked more like it was in France rather than New York!
I loved how her personality reflected in her home!
I loved the green sofa and the green walls!
I loved the globes collection! 
I loved the bar cart!
I loved the Encyclopedia display! (My dad used to do that too!)
I loved the art walls!
I loved how blue her eyes really are!
I loved that she loves Greece!

Most of all I loved how SJP reminded me why I am not a minimalist!

What did you love? 

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