February 20, 2014

My Milan escape in pictures!

A couple of weeks ago I took a short trip to Milan! My need to escape from my reality in Greece and just travel somewhere was so big that the moment I saw those fifty euro flights to Milan I booked them even though I wasn't sure I would actually make the trip!( The truth is that I also wanted just for once to actually book one of those super cheap flight that always heard about but never saw!)
Unfortunately both boyfriend and friends were busy at the time so I went there alone and I did not regret it at all. Being a very shy person it has always been intimidating to do things alone but travelling on your own is actually very empowering and to me very fulfilling!
So since I do plan to visit Milan again with company I skipped sightseeing and focused on 6 things!
1. Go shopping/ window shopping  2. Visit Ostello Bello  3.Eat gelato (ice-cream)    4. Eat Italian pizza   5. Eat lasagna   6. Drink cappuccino

I took my pace and enjoyed just those 6 things without rushing to see everything and I can definitely say I came back a new person! 

I spent all three days at the shops, did a little bit of shopping and watched all the stylish people around me! I have to say the most trendy and in-style people were to my surprise asian!

I stayed at  Ostello Bello on of the best hostels in Europe which was one of the reasons I wanted to go to Milan! Perfect atmosphere, very friendly staff, warm common areas, great music and Italian cuisine!
I also had my lasagna there so what more could I ask!

My gelato was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! 
Chocolate cone, with chocolate inside the cone filled from chocolate running faucets, nocciola, nutella and biscotto flavoured ice cream and a topping of merenda. Where's my insulin?

Unfortunately my pizza was not as good.Apparently it is only in Rome where pizza is served in every single corner.I had some pizza during my Aperitif but it was nothing like the thin crispy crust pizza I had longed for!

The first time I ever tried coffee was in Rome, so three years later back in Italy, an avid coffee drinker now I had to try my cappuccinos. The view of Duomo was majestic! 
I also had a quick one at the airport!

And then I was back! 
Back in Greece!
Where the sun was shining!

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